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 About Us  

Terracotta Designs

Classical Inspiration in modern era

Terracotta Designs was founded in 2011 in Austin, Texas, from a family background in industrial design and the manufactory business. Our classics-inspired line of designs range from country-rustic to traditionalist modern.

Our design philosophy goes beyond the singular light to consider the interior space as a whole. Each lighting product, inspired by the respected antiquity of traditional materials, is designed to perfectly illuminate and draw out the unique characteristics of the home.

We believe lighting should reflect tasteful restraint- that instead of chasing trends, elegance lies in a deep respect of the timeless classics. Our lights combine art movements and modernized production techniques to create a truly unique lighting experience. Whether it be a rustic country-style chandelier or sleek midcentury-modern fixture, Terracotta Designs would love to deliver our unique brand of light and style into your home.

The first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. to write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.”

-Chuck Palahniuk, American novelist and journalist

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