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Seraphina Collection

Pearlesque glass and jubilant contours form the design of this series. Inspired by the frozen surfaces of bubbles in winter, the Seraphina collection evokes quiet brilliance in its construction. Raised contours on the glass diffuse the light passing through to create a serene, dawning glow.



Subtlety, charm, intrigue; all hallmarks of elegant design. Terracotta Designs defines our collections through this pursuit of a transcendent level of quality. Inspired by the eclectic renaissance of superb craftsmanship and simplified, modern forms, Our lights draw from historic tastes and embody the older classics with a fleeting liveliness found nowhere else.


Idyllic greenery and rolling hills. Curtains drifting in the breeze. Sunlight falling on pages between the fingers. Terracotta Design’s collections call to mind the simple beauties of rustic elegance, incorporating natural light with décor and fixture. Our antique-style collections combine the understated pleasures of country living with enduring French-inspired design. Sourced from rich natural materials and produced with the highest degree of craftsmanship, Terracotta lights embodies the sophisticated charm of a historic era.

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