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About Us

Inspired by the quintessential Terracotta arts - which has been the artistic expression of a thousand year old civilization - Terracotta Designs was founded in the live music capitol of the world, Austin, Texas by two Texans in 2011. Since then, the company has quickly emerged as a unique designer and manufacturer of home lighting products.

Being industry design engineers for many years, and with family background in the manufacturing business for generations, the founding partners started the company with a keen sense of today's industrious trends and great emphasize on design and manufacture details. Resembling ancient Terracotta utensils which bear testimony to human culture, tradition, creativity and aspiration, each lighting product of the company is designed to not only perfectly illuminate your home but also render a characteristic style of its own. Rooted in Texas and bathed in wild southwestern culture and fascinated by unglazed ancient terracotta arts, the founding partners have a longing for natural-looking products handcrafted by human hands and with authentic materials such as distressed solid wood, rustic metals, and natural fibers, they also love lighting products with a classic theme design, reviving the allure of old traditions. Their personal desires are revealed in every detail of the current product lines and are well-received in the market, and will continue to drive future product development.  

Being a young but fast-growing lighting company, Terracotta Designs strives to become a leading designer and manufacturer of home lighting with innovative strides in both products and services. Terracotta lighting will make your home come alive both in light and style.